.Helping business to grow for over a quarter of a century

Established in 1987, Swift has helped our valued customers grow for more than a quarter of a century. With the benefits of Swift’s strong sourcing capability and outstanding service, our customers around the world have built up significant business volume. Swift is proud to be part of their growth and is looking forward to helping more businesses realize their potential.

.Unrivalled portfolio of quality products

Swift specializes in quality electronics components and electrical products from Taiwan and China. We supply more than 10,000 products to our customers from our reliable supply chain. Our extensive network in the industry also allows us to source products required quickly even if they're not found on our website.

.Competitive pricing

Swift understands the competitive markets our customers are facing and partners with our customers to conquer the markets. With the long established history and relationship with our suppliers, Swift has access to the best possible pricing to support our customers' business.

.Unbeatable value-added service

We at Swift pride ourselves on the unbeatable value-added service we provide. We take every order as seriously as our first order in 1987 and will continue our promise to ship every order on time. Furthermore, Swift can help to reduce your shipment costs by consolidating your orders from the Far East and provide a service tailored to your business needs.

Whatever your business requirements are Swift will be your best business partner in the Far East.